PhD position, Deposition of functional oxides by spatial atomic layer deposition (SALD) for integration in piezoelectric devices LMGP, IMEP-LaHC, Grenoble (updated 05/07/2022)

PhD position, Advanced-characterisation-of-functional-thin-films-and-interfaces LMGP, Grenoble / Imperial College (updated 30/05/2022)

PhD position, Photocatalyse_plasmonique, – ICB, Dijon (updated 25/03/2022)

PhD position, Solid Hydrogen Storage (StoHyC) – innovative materials for dehydrogenation of amine boranes designed by an environmentally friendly process, LCC-Toulouse (updated 22/03/2022)

PhD position, Improved secondary electron yield by atomic layer deposition – CEA-Saclay / ONERA-Toulouse (updated 07/03/2022)