Offres de Post-Doc

Offre de PostDoc SunyPoly (US, diffusée le 07/07/21) SUNY Polytechnic Institute Job Posting: Postdoctoral Fellow in Area Selective Deposition (

Offre de Post-Doc CIRIMAT-LGC (Toulouse) (diffusée le 09/06/21) Protection of carbon fibers by an innovative process

Offre de Post-Doc LMGP, Grenoble (diffusée le 21/01/21) Electrodes and electrolytes for ultrathin Reversible Solid Oxide Cells

Offre de Post-Doc LGC-CIRIMAT, Toulouse (diffusée le 05/01/21) Numerical simulation and first experimental scale up of a Chemical Vapor Deposition

Offre de Post-Doc LAAS, Toulouse (diffusée le 04/01/21) ALD of Ruthenium Oxide for Micro-Supercapacitor Application

Offre de Post-Doc CIMAP, Caen (diffusée le 14/12/20) Postdoc_SUNRISE_CIMAP

Offre de Post-Doc CIRIMAT-LGC, Toulouse (diffusée le 22/10/20) Post-doctoral_Chemical vapor deposition of innovative functional coatings based on zirconium oxides for the plastics industry

Offre de Post-Doc IEMM, Montpellier (diffusée le 10/09/20) Postdoc_IEMM_Powder_Coating_using_ALD

Offre de Post-Doc LGC-CIRIMAT-LAPLACE, Toulouse (diffusée le 17/07/20) Post doc_POLEN

Offre de Post-Doc LTM/CEA, Grenoble (diffusée le 06/03/20)

Offre de Post-Doc CIRIMAT, Toulouse (diffusée le 03/12/19) Offre-post-doc-HealthyGlass-2019

Offre de Post-Doc LMGP, Grenoble (diffusée le 29/09/19) Postdoc_position_Harvestore-LMGP