SALAD 2022 thematic school

This first thematic school on ALD was a great success, with 36 participants coming from all over France and from different backgrounds (laboratories, industry, ...) and 5 speakers.

The participants were studious and attentive during the 10 hours of lectures, 4 hours of tutorials and even the 6 hours of practical work in small groups which gave rise to 4 hours of restitution to other groups.

Reminder on the main objectives of the thematic school

The main objective of this thematic school is to provide an overview of the state of the art knowledge and scientific activities of the ALD community.

This process of deposition knows technical and scientific evolutions at a very fast pace which are currently spreading in many sectors of activity. The secondary objectives of this school are therefore to bring together the various scientific actors of the ALD community in France to facilitate exchanges and the pooling of knowledge and thereby to stimulate new collaborations, new applications and new research and development activities.

The ALD community includes many PhD students and many technicians, engineers, researchers and teacher-researchers. Thus ALD is a thin film deposition technique that is growing rapidly at the national and international level. This technique is of interest in many fields of chemistry, physics and engineering.

It is in this context that we propose this thematic school on ALD, in order to train the French academic and industrial actors and to promote the developments of this technique.

No prerequisite is required to follow this thematic school, and the fundamental bases of the technique will be quickly acquired by all from the first half-day of the program. In this sense, this thematic school is addressed to any person, from the beginning PhD student to the confirmed researcher, wishing to widen his theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of thin film processing by ALD.