Support actions of the GdR

« open source » publication fees

The RAFALD GDR supports open source publishing and proposes to cover open source publishing costs.

Any publication :

  • published in a peer-reviewed newspaper AND
  • describing research related to ALD that results (preferably) from collaboration between two GDR member laboratories

is eligible.

For all enquiries, please contact the Bureau. Reply within 15 days.

Mobility between laboratories

To encourage and support research actions, collaborations and expertise exchanges, GDR RAFALD is supporting mobility between laboratories. For instance,  it supports mission to use specific fabrication or caracterisation equipment, get trained, meetings to build new collaborations and projects, ....

Maximum allowance 1000 Euros (CNRS modalities). AAP call opened all year long. The project should imply at least 2 teams of the GDR.

Application file to be sent to the comité de direction du GDR ( Decision made by the Bureau. Response within 15 days AAP-soutien-à-la-mobilité-RAFALD-2020

Once completed, 1 page summary must be sent to the Bureau. In case of publication, the sentence "The authors acknowledge the CNRS Groupement de Recherche GDR2009 RAFALD (Réseau des Acteurs Français de l'ALD) for their financial support." must be included.

PhD/HDR defense juries

The GDR RAFALD offers fundings to cover trip expenses of one jury member of a PhD/HDR defense.

More information: Soutien pour la composition de jury de soutenance de thèse