Web site of the French Actors Network of the Atomic Layer Deposition


The GDR «Groupement de Recherche » RAFALD (GDR2009 «Réseau des Acteurs Français de l’ALD») was created in 2017 by CNRS (creation date 01/01/2017).

Its mission is to gather members of the French ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition) community, to support and develop exchanges and welcome new-users. To achieve it, skills and savoir-faire will be mutualized and shared through tutorials, scientific events, and various exchanges between academic and industrial partners. The goal of GDR is to seed new projects and propose a disruptive « materials by design » vision, where innovative materials and processes are developed to account for specific requirements. Our ambition is to gather knowledge acquired in « historical » applications (microelectronics, energy) and apply it to emerging applications (biology, health, aeronautics, spatial …).